Jan 31 - Feb 2 • 2020
Paris — France


Jack’n’Jill competitions evaluate dancers in a social dancing (lead & follow) context. Competitors register individually for the contest, the couples are paired up at random and dance to music selected by the contest DJ.

  • Newcomer (WSDC points: Dancers who have never competed before may enter this division to get their first taste of competition.
  • Novice (WSDC points: Dancers compete in this division until they have earned 15 Novice points.
  • Intermediate (WSDC points: To compete as an Intermediate, dancers must have earned at least 15 Novice points and fewer than 30 Intermediate points.
  • Advanced (WSDC points: To compete in the Advanced division, dancers must have earned at least 30 Intermediate points and fewer than 45 Advanced points.
  • All Star (WSDC points: To compete as All Stars, dancers must have earned at least 45 Advanced points within the 3 years prior to the event. This division will be opened only if we have a sufficient number of competitors. Otherwise, it will be merged with the Advanced division.
  • Champion (WSDC points: To compete as Champion, dancers must have at least 100 points in All Star division, 1 point in Champion division or have placed in a NASDE event in Showcase or Classic division.
  • Sophisticated: This division is for dancers aged 35 and above. Because it is independent of the other divisions, dancers may register to compete simultaneously in Jack’n’Jill Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced or All Star divisions and in the Sophisticated division.
  • All-European : This is an "Open" contest in which the Jack'n'Jill classification of the partners is not taken into account

Strictly Swing

Strictly Swing contests allow dancers to perform at their best level because they register as a couple with a partner they know. They dance together to music selected by the contest DJ.

  • Strictly Swing is a social dancing (lead & follow) contest. Choreographed routines and acrobatic moves are prohibited. Partners must have at least one foot on the floor throughout the dance.
  • Couples may coordinate their attire but costumes are prohibited.
  • Couples must enter the contest in the division of the highest-skilled partner (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, All Star) based on the WSDC points classification. Open means for every level : Advanced, All Star and Champion dancers must enter this division. The Sophisticated division is for dancers aged 35 and above, regardless of the level in the other divisions.

Rising Star

The Paris Westie Fest is glad to be part of the Rising Star Tour!

The Tour consists of a collective of events all over the globe who offer the Rising Star division. The collective agrees to a set of contest rules that are in the best interest of the dancers, and administrative guidelines that are designed to make the division structured and consistent across all events. The Tour handles all the administration of the points and prizes. More information : www.risingstartour.com

  • Expected swing content of any style is 70%. It is at the judges’ discretion to determine that the swing content has been met. 
  • An individual is not permitted to dance twice within the same division.  
  • Performance time is a minimum of 2 minutes and maximum of 3 minutes
  • Competitors select their own music
  • Costumes are required
  • Time and judging starts at first movement of performance with or without music
  • Separate entrances are permitted
  • Break-a-ways and side-by-side patterns are permitted, not longer than 8 beats
  • Lifts are optional but not required 
  • Maximum 5 partner weight support moves are allowed with the partner at knee level or below