Jan 31 - Feb 2 • 2020
Paris — France

John Lindo

After beginning in country-western dance in 1992, John Lindo quickly made his mark on the West Coast Swing circuit by garnering an astonishing number of awards and championships in Jack-and-Jills and Strictly Swings. Some of his First Place awards include the U.S. Open, Grand Nationals, Phoenix Champion of Champions. He is also sought after internationally for his experience and teaching. John currently resides in New Jersey, and is an influential presence in the New York City West Coast Swing scene.

Gary McIntyre and Susan Kirklin

Gary and Susan have been dancing together since 2006. They travel the world performing and teaching.

Prior to dancing together, Gary was a multi-time UCWDC World Champion and toured as a dance captain for the Original Broadway Show Swing. He was a choreographer for the Academy Award winning film Brokeback Mountain, the dance double to the lead actor in Love ‘n Dancing and also appeared as a dancer in the Jennifer Lopez/Richard Gere version of Shall We Dance.

Susan was a U.S. Swing and Cabaret Champion. Together they are unique in that they compete and have been successful on three separate circuits: Country, Ballroom, and West Coast Swing.

Philippe and Flore Berne

Philippe and Flore Berne are coming from two different backgrounds : he comes from the competition world and she comes from the world of social dancing (Boogie-Woogie, Swing, Salsa, West Coast Swing,...), which adds a lot of flow and style to their dancestyle. They evolved rapidly in national and international competitions and took it to the biggest French stages with Charly Moser's dance Company (Feeling Dance Show), known for their numerous TV and live appearances. In 2013, they set their newest challenge: share their passion with the world and move to Montreal, Canada. Today, they are emerging West Coast Swing Showcase champions, they placed top 5 at the US Open 2016, and placed top 4 at many NASDE events since they started competing in the showcase division in 2014.

Blandine Iche and Sebastien Cadet

Blandine Iché started dancing in 2007 (ballroom, rock'n'roll, salsa, African dance). Completely hooked on dance, she discovered West Coast Swing with Sébastien in 2008. Her spectacular climb through the ranks soon propelled her to many competitions in the United States. She now competes in the "Champions" division and has an impressive list of titles to her credit. Sexy and sensual, she highlights her dances with spectacular footwork and musicality. Sébastien Cadet started dancing 20 years ago with acrobatic rock'n'roll, followed by lindy hop, salsa and West Coast Swing when the dance came to France, as a contemporary of Maxence Martin. Currently competing in the All Star division, his list of titles is no less impressive than Blandine's. Sebastien's humility and passion make him an easily approachable instructor: he holds nothing back in his teaching as he shares with you his talent and his understanding of West Coast Swing.

Lee Easton and Fabienne Henshall

Lee Easton and Fabienne Henshall have been dancing together for 8 years. Both compete at the highest level in Country Linedance (UCWDC) and West Coast Swing (NASDE). With their Linedance backgrounds, they have choreographed many line dances that are now performed in competitive and social events. They teach West Coast Swing 3 evenings per week in London and Northampton and organize two international WCS events: Detonation and Midland Swing Open.
To make this event more open to the international community, all emceeing and presentations throughout the weekend will be done in English.


Everybody knows DJ GBL, one of the most popular DJs in Paris and across Europe – and the founder of Radio WCS. He has a talent for mixing the best music to keep you on the dance floor until sunrise!

DJ ChrisCool

DJ ChrisCool, dancer and DJ of the new Parisian scene. On the track and behind the decks, he likes to share his passion for the West Coast Swing

DJs Camille and SimJay

You've had a chance to see Camille and SimJay at work at our social dances at LA MAS. They will make sure you can dance to the songs you enjoy so much at the dance parties run by Connexion Swing.

Renars Sirotins

Renars is a WCS enthusiast from Latvia. By starting the WCS community there, he got involved in all aspects of the dance. Apart from dancing itself he has been teaching, DJ-ing, judging and scoring. He also runs the Riga Summer Swing event and has always been a keen social dancer.

Aymie & Doud

Several types of care will be offered by Aymie and Doud.